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Why a Free Trip to Unite to Face Addiction Matters

Why a Free Trip to Unite to Face Addiction Matters


Young People in Recovery, Life of Purpose, and the University of North Texas Collegiate Recovery Program have partnered together to give away three free trips to Unite to Face Addiction. Airfare and Hotel will be covered for the recipients, who must be registered and attend the 3rd Annual North Texas Recovery Conference: New Paradigms in Recovery.

Unite to Face Addiction represents more than tens of thousands of people in recovery coming together for a march. It is more than a celebration of the 23 million Americans in recovery and their families. It is more than seeing Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow, The Fray, Jason Isabel, and John Rzeznik perform. It is a chance to be part of history. Nearly every social movement has their iconic march in Washington DC. Unite to Face Addiction is that march for the recovery advocacy movement. It is the moment we make substance use disorder a top conversation among presidential candidates.

“Given the scale of the current public health crisis surrounding substance use disorder, I believe that it is long past time we, as an industry and as a society, get behind and support the recovery advocacy movement,” said Andrew Burki. “We want to afford individuals the opportunity to be a part of history.”

Generations to come will read in textbooks about a time when substance use disorder wasn’t looked upon as a medical crisis. They will not be able to believe that 350 people were dying every day and society still refused to offer necessary support services. They will look back at Unite to Face Addiction and see a group of advocates expressing their needs to a nation that had overlooked them for far too long. They will see recovering individuals, recovery allies and families of loss that stood together as one and refused to remain silent; the people that ended the stigma, disenfranchisement, and systematic oppression that their healthcare and judicial systems had created for individuals who suffered from substance use disorder.

“We can’t just talk about this being the most pivotal moment in the recovery advocacy movement, we have to put our money where our mouths are so to speak.” Said Young People in Recovery Program Director, and University of North Texas Collegiate Recovery Program Director, Robert Ashford. “Everyone should have a chance to be a part of history, whether they can afford it or not. We encourage everyone to sponsor a young person to go to DC, like we all are at the North Texas Recovery Conference”

More about the 3rd Annual North Texas Recovery Conference: New Paradigms in Recovery


The North Texas Recovery Conference is a national 3-day event that brings together students in recovery, future professionals, current professionals and industry leaders at the University of North Texas. Held in conjunction with National Recovery Month, the 3rd annual North Texas Recovery Conference runs from September 23rd – 25th, 2015. This year’s events plan to educate local students and communities, retain and recruit behavioral health professionals, and reduce stigma in the community, utilizing the 2015 conference theme: “New Paradigms in Recovery”.

This year’s conference is unique in its focus on emerging innovations in the behavioral health treatment and recovery field. The conference features three distinct tracks that will engage different segments of our target audience. These include: Student and young adult development, the behavioral health workforce, and recovery to practice.  Each track will feature 9 different sessions and workshops that range from lecture style breakouts to experiential activities. The conference will also host 4 keynote speakers – three as the early morning sessions each day, and the fourth on Friday evening.

New to the conference this year is a professional workforce career fair. In partnership with the University of North Texas Career Services Center we will have students from the rehabilitation department, social work department, as well as other helping profession’s degree seeking students, meet and greet with all of our exhibitors in a controlled fashion. This fair will take place on Friday, September 25th. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity for our partners and our students for the first time at the University.

The 2014 North Texas conference incurred high engagement both with students and professionals in the field, with over 250 attendees. National partners in the past have included NAADAC, SAMHSA, Young People in Recovery, Transforming Youth Recovery, NASW, and the Association of Recovery Schools.























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