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We’re Proud Sponsors of the ARHE Student Summit and Recovery Skiathon

We’re Proud Sponsors of the ARHE Student Summit and Recovery Skiathon

The Association of Recovery in Higher Education ARHE is hosting the first national student leadership summit in Colorado, February 2-5, 2017.

With over 185 students and staff currently registered to attend, the ARHE Skiathon will be the largest gathering of students in recovery involved in collegiate recovery programs to date. This is a unique event that supports students in recovery who have overcome addiction and are living a sober life.

Collegiate Recovery Programs and Communities (CRPs and CRCs) provide a safe environment, a sober social community, and recovery support services for college students in or seeking recovery. CRPs and CRCs have become essential to the long-term success of students in recovery post-treatment, and students involved in such programs rarely have a recurrence of use.

As a Founding Sponsor, Life of Purpose Treatment is proud to contribute to this event. We believe supporting collegiate recovery is vital to providing long-term subacute resources to emerging adults recovering from substance use disorder while working towards their academic goals.

Young people now have an opportunity to move forward in recovery from addiction and be successful earlier in their recovery thanks to the growing number of collegiate recovery programs on campuses throughout the country. As we face an opioid addiction epidemic in the United States, these students are the best evidence of what is possible with a long-term ongoing continuum of care that includes campus-based recovery services and a supportive peer community

To learn more about this event, please visit:

Collegiate Recovery Student Leadership Summit and Skiathon

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