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Eternally Grateful

Eternally Grateful

I came into Life of Purpose devoid of any hope that I would find an inch of sustained happiness.

I came into Life of Purpose devoid of any hope that I would find an inch of sustained happiness. Nonetheless, their program really worked. I wasn’t just following a schedule, I was given responsibilities that allowed me to tailor parts of my day, myself. These small differences allowed me to start finding myself and appreciate who I am. Their staff treated me like I mattered, which helped me start realizing that there was at least one place where I could feel okay. I soon started to gain confidence with their support, which led me to the life I have today. I came in with no interest of having any friends, and today my life is full. I go ice skating, bowling, to the movies, and have game nights. These might seem normal, but they are a miracle in my eyes. I spent months in isolation before coming to Life of Purpose because I did not trust anyone and I didn’t think anyone trusted me. I only started to try to have healthy relationships once I started to trust my therapist and started trying to live following their example.

As if it didn’t get any better, Life of Purpose also gave me the opportunity to go back to school. Before my alcoholism, I was a 4.0 student. Nonetheless, my disease took the best from me and I disappointed both myself and my family. Because of the help and guidance, I received from LOP, I am graduating in a couple of months from FAU with a BS in Neuroscience and Behavior and will hopefully be attending Medical School. It is clear to me, and to those who know me, that I have come a long way. I certainly had to make the right choices, but without the resources available, I can easily say I would not have found my way on my own. I am extremely grateful for the meticulous care that Life of Purpose offered me because they have led me to find harmony, balance, and a life worth living for.

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