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Life of Purpose Treatment Review

I cannot thank you, Sarah, and Laura enough for what Life of Purpose has done for Jason*. When we put him on a plane last April, I had no idea of where I was sending him or who I was sending him to, except that Mark* was adamant that this was the place for him. The last few years of Jason’s sobriety and addiction, I came to know Mark as a man I could trust…read more

On the Friday afternoon of May 15, 2015, my daughter, and only child, overdosed using heroin. She tried her fate, and lost, using the drug that had been both her hell and haven for over three years. My Daughter used heroin, she quit breathing, and then her heart stopped. B, had been struggling with severe depression and anxiety since she was just 10 years old. She was hospitalized for the first of many times later…read more

A Mother From Ohio

Our daughter came to Life of Purpose Primary after spending 30 days in a rehab in Malibu, California, at a facility that was roughly three times the price of Life of Purpose “LOP”. We were very unhappy with the lack of communication, lack of professionalism, inconsistent therapy and poor follow-through of this other facility. When she was finished with that 30 day rehab they had no realistic guidance for us as to her next step…read more

A Mother

Life of Purpose is exactly what it says it is: Academically-focused substance abuse treatment. But more than just its mission this is a program with great integrity, amazing clinicians (Laura Ames – a personal favorite having collaborated a couple of times and been more than impressed), and a therapeutic approach that allows young adults to find their footing and ownership in their recovery and academic world. As a therapist working with young adults and their…read more

Jake Neff, LCSW in Private Practice/Philadelphia

I am grateful for Life of Purpose. After stumbling in college with alcoholism and then treatments, I saw our son lose hope of ever being able to return to college and even lose his confidence of being successful in the classroom as he once was. Having been on this journey of recovery for at least 4 years, with our son experiencing 2 other inpatient admissions followed by 2 different intensive outpatient programs, I stopped adding…read more

A Thankful Mom

I want to thank you for the invite to tour your facility and learn about the Life Of Purpose. Not only is it beautiful but there is also a positive energy of caring amongst staff as well as the residents. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer clients or recommend to colleagues Life Of Purpose.

Brian Schaflin, L.C.S.W. ,P.A.

When I enrolled in LOP, I was not an easy client. Andrew said that I was the dumbest genius he knew, and he was right. Now I am pursuing my dreams of archaeology and history, when I figured I would die somewhere boring, with little to show for it. It’s been a long and harsh journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Any other way wouldn’t make me tear up when I have…read more

Dane B

I visited Life of Purpose a a few months back…almost by accident. I was visiting a couple of other programs in the area and my “tour guide” just made the appointment…and am I ever glad I had the opportunity to visit! I was impressed with the mission and vision…with the staff I met…and even more so, with the students. Within a week of my visit, I referred a client. Even though this emerging adult had…read more

Judith E. Bessette, EdD Therapeutic Educational Consultant

I have been wanting to write this testimonial for some time, but how do you find the words to adequately thank someone for saving your child’s life? I’m going to try my best…. My 21 year old son has struggled with an opiate addiction for the last few years. Once we knew for sure what was going on, he went to his 1st rehab. This was for 21 days, as it was all that the…read more

Grateful Mom from PA
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