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Team Life of Purpose Wins Pompano Beach Relay Race

Team Life of Purpose Wins Pompano Beach Relay Race

Photos by Vince Petrillo

On a Saturday morning, our fitness group composed of clients and staff from Life of Purpose Treatment participated in an intense obstacle course race in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Pompano Beach Fitness Relay Race was a great experience! It was a great event on the beach, including a lot of vendors and tents with food, drinks, and live music!

The race itself was like an adventure. Not knowing what to expect, it was a fast-paced, high-intensity obstacle course that was timed from start to finish with teams of four. Our team, “#Purpose,” came out with smiles on our faces, just excited to be there. We actually had no intention of having a good race time in the main event and ended up finishing in first place with the best time. Our fastest time in the main event was seven minutes and five seconds!

Upon completion of the race, we were absolutely exhausted to the point where some team members even threw up afterwards. It was good to be with a team of sober men that came out and kicked butt. Some stayed and enjoyed the food and music after the race. The extreme kayak fishing event was going on and it was fascinating to watch the weigh-ins for the biggest fish caught. The largest fish caught was a 52-pound wahoo from a kayak. Lastly, the stand-up paddleboard racing was a spectacle with hundreds of paddlers participating in the event.

It was a great day in sunny South Florida for fun in recovery.

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