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How to Talk to Your Parents About Drug Treatment Options

How to Talk to Your Parents About Drug Treatment Options

If you have made the decision to begin substance use disorder recovery, you may benefit from the support of your parents. Unfortunately, talking to your parents about treatment options for substance misuse is not an easy conversation to have. These tips will help facilitate the conversation and start you on the path to recovery from substance use disorder.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Many times, parents will have questions when you initiate a discussion about pursuing treatment options. The more you know, the more productive your conversation can be. Familiarize yourself with the facts about substance misuse so you can answer your parents’ questions and knowledgeably discuss the effects of substance misuse.

While facts are black and white, your feelings are not. Journaling to gather your thoughts about your substance misuse can be helpful. As you think about substance use and your desire to recover, jot down your feelings so you can clearly articulate them to your parents.

Be Honest

When it comes to discussing your personal experiences with substance use disorder, don’t hold back with your parents. If you aren’t truthful when you talk to parents about treatment options and substance misuse, it could negatively affect your path to recovery. If everyone involved in the conversation is being honest and open, it will lead to stronger solutions.


It’s not uncommon for individuals to become defensive when they talk to their parents about substance misuse. While your initial reaction may be to lose your temper or become emotional, try to listen to what your parents have to say. Give them the opportunity to voice their opinions, questions, concerns, and support.

If you are worried that your parents might not listen to you in return, begin the conversation asking that everyone listen to you before sharing their thoughts. Establishing ground rules will make it easier to have a conversation, rather than an argument.

Suggest Solutions

Most importantly, when the time comes to talk to your parents about treatment options, have a list of possible solutions prepared. Researching solutions beforehand demonstrates that you are serious about recovery and communicates to your parents that you are willing to work to achieve your goals.

While the road to recovery will likely not be easy, talking to your parents about treatment options is a necessary first step. If continuing your education while you’re in recovery is important to you, Life of Purpose may be the right program for you. For more information, call 1-888-PURPOSE to speak with an admissions advisor or visit Life of Purpose.

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