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Staying Active in Your Recovery Throughout the Summer

Staying Active in Your Recovery Throughout the Summer

It is not really a question of summer activities, but more about what are you doing to stay active in your recovery? Summer is here and it is warm, school is out, what is there to do? I can tell you the main thing I want to do is lay by a pool or a beach somewhere. When the semester was finally over all I could think about is a nice summer vacation to relax and rejuvenate. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a great idea and you should take some ‘me’ time and relax. Just don’t get too comfortable that you begin to hibernate away from your support.

For those of you who choose to take summer classes, I give you a round of applause! I have done this myself in the past. I decided to take this summer off to allow my brain to have a rest. It is good to allow yourself some time to rejuvenate and rest. Although it’s not like I will be doing nothing this summer, I have a ton of adventures that I want participate in throughout the summer months.

If you decided to take the summer off, like me, here are some tips to make your summer more enjoyable while staying active in your recovery:

  • Just because you are not in school does not mean you can’t still learn new things! Is there a leadership conference or seminar that you have been dying to go to but have always been too busy? Check your city’s events pages and see what is happening around your area.
  • Learn a new activity or do something you have never done. Who would not want to learn how to go scuba diving, boxing, or even yoga?
  • If you are a big reader, why not check out your local coffee shop, some host book clubs or plan on joining one. This way you can get to know new people and also find like-minded people who enjoy reading as much as YOU!
  • Travel to different places with your friends and meet new people! I love going out of state and meeting others in recovery from different areas, their perspective on life can ignite your recovery too!
  • Host a summertime party. Invite your supports, family or friends, to play summer games outside or board games inside in the AC. Have them all bring a dish, or plan to BBQ. It’s a great way to show our gratitude to those who support us throughout the year, while creating a space and activities everyone can enjoy.
  • Plan an outing with your supports. Visit a nearby theme park or nearby town you’ve been wanting to visit. Taking trips with support groups allows members to form stronger bonds while having fun.
  • Visit a recovery meeting in another town or nearby area. The great thing about recovery is that we can always find a community anywhere we go. It’s always fun seeing how other areas host their meetings, plus you get a chance to hear a new great message of hope.
  • Participate in service work. Join a local charity or volunteer during the summer. Often times, we want to volunteer but we simply don’t have the time. Having the summer off can give us the extra hours we need to be of service to others.
  • Who said you had to do these activities alone? Bring your support with you, whether you are going to a beach, a lake, or a pool! It is good to have some alone time, but it is so much more fun to have your friends around you that you can talk to and de-stress.

I was really excited to take the summer off from college. Although school is a top priority of mine, I also know that living the life I was given is also important. Utilizing the information that was given to me in the college classroom, in the real world makes my college education come to life! We can have the best of both worlds, and enjoy our break while still remaining active in our educational and recovery journey. Take time to relax this summer, and enjoy the time we have. Continuing to stay active will help when it is time to go back to school and be motivated for those first weeks of classes in the fall.

How will you be staying active in your recovery this summer?

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