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Rocking Summertime as a Person in Recovery

Rocking Summertime as a Person in Recovery

The summer season can bring me right back to memories of my life before recovery. Over the past few years, however, I have learned that the summer months are actually – surprise, surprise – even better! Now, I am actually able to get out and enjoy all the things on my summer bucket list. Here are a few of the recovery-friendly things we can do to make this summer season one for the books.

Take a breather!


If you are a student, you’ll have just put a busy and exhausting year in the books. It’s tempting for me to keep go-go-going without a rest, but our bodies will thank us tenfold if we are able to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

Try a new activity.


In Maine, summertime means the ability to finally be outside in less than three layers. Have you always wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding? How about joining a local softball league or getting your outdoor yoga on? If you live in a climate where summertime means hopping from air conditioning to air conditioning, you still have an opportunity to check out a pottery class or that new spin studio in town! Upon entering recovery, summer can seem like a daunting time where the only thing to do is, well, what we used to do. Now, even if you work during the week, these months are a time for exploring new activities on the weekends! Chances are you have a friend who has also been wanting to get into a similar groove, too! How about rollerblading?!

Did someone say BBQ?


I have FAU’s Collegiate Recovery Tailgate in mind for this one. Who said you can’t BBQ without all the booze? Not me! In fact, how we have more room in our bellies for grub! Grab some friends, a frisbee, and your favorite grilling snacks and post up! Bonus if you can find an outdoor volleyball court nearby.

Meditate in unique places.


There certainly isn’t anything wrong with getting your “sit” on in the comfort of your living room, but why not take it somewhere new? If there are walking trails nearby, lace up your sneakers and find a rock to perch on in the middle of your walk! If you live in a city and it is tough to find open, quiet places, try a walking meditation. One way to do this is to be as aware as you can of the sensation in your legs as you take each step and the way your arm muscles engage to keep you moving. There are so many variations on walking meditation! No matter how you slice it, it is a phenomenal way to get your daily meditation in during a busy day.



As always, it is incredibly important to keep your #squad close. Just like I mentioned in my post about rocking the holidays while in recovery, group texts are always an option. Whether that means a beach day with a close friend, or that barbeque I mentioned with a big group, staying connected to your friends in recovery is an automatic mood-booster, not to mention a buffer to keep you happily in recovery.

Bryn Ghallager

Bryn Gallagher
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