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Our Commitment To Research

Our true continuum of care is only achievable by systemically addressing the ongoing need for services through the process of funding research and collegiate recovery services on college campuses. To achieve this goal, Life of Purpose dedicates 10 percent of our net profits prior to ownership distribution to provide grants for research and the development of collegiate recovery services.

Because Life of Purpose is comprised of multiple components that subsequently refer successful clients to universities, it is ideally suited for the development and implementation of longitudinal studies via universities. Essentially, we are able to leverage our business to function as a macro-level social work intervention.

We make our business decisions based on the greater good. Rather than just our bottom line, we evaluate how to best apply our resources to address the needs inherent to this unique client population. This puts us in an interesting position.

How We Support Research

We treat the funding and the establishment of research offices on university campuses that are dedicated to the study of substance misuse and mental health offices along with the creation and support of existing collegiate recovery communities (CRCs) as equity holding business partners of our organization as a whole. Typically, what we do is make an initial gift of $100,000 to a university to inspire other support. Since substance misuse in America has an economic impact of over $600 billion a year, so our $100K doesn’t go very far.

In March 2015, FAU announced the establishment of an Office of Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Recovery Research to serve as a hub for interdisciplinary addictions treatment research. The Office was established with a $100,000 gift from Life of Purpose Treatment, several additional companies joined forces to help. KIPU Systems, Lumiere Detox Center, Sober Living Outpatient, Sober Living in Delray, Guardian IOP, Boca Detox, The Hartman House, and Infinity Behavioral Health Services are working in tandem with FAU and Life of Purpose Treatment with the goal of raising $3 million to enable FAU to recruit a leading researcher to serve as the endowed chair to spearhead the program.

In April 2016, Life of Purpose funded the creation of the Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research at the University of North Texas (UNT). The Office will foster internationally recognized research to better understand the impact of substance use and recovery locally as well as globally. UNT’s Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research will take an integrated approach to addressing substance misuse by combining services in the areas of education and training, research, and evaluation, technical assistance and technology development.

Currently, approximately 130 people die per day from the opiate epidemic alone, making the scale of the substance misuse problem is our nation far too large for a single company to address. That means our gifts are far more than the allocation of resources; it’s what that financial gift creates. It’s about inspiring others and getting the buy-in from all the community stakeholders. Our gift encourages others to give money of their own to support the funding of Institutional Research Boards (IRBs).

Together, all those gifts join together to help two things. One, they help build up an endowment. Establishing a fully endowed Tier One university research chair takes about $3.5 million. Raising this money takes a long time, the second thing we are doing is buying the time of the existing professors within the substance use disorder field of study or getting them a graduate research assistant to do studies now.

How Objective, University-Based Research Impacts Lives

Timely research means we get objective information published and in the hands of behavioral health professionals. This data is critical for substance use advocacy.

We believe that results obtained from the new research will continue to support the efficacy of utilizing education to help improve outcomes within the treatment industry. We feel that these objectives, IRB monitored findings will undoubtedly improve the model for how substance use treatment is designed for young adults in this country.

At Life of Purpose, we already know that providing access to education can dramatically change the way people in early recovery perceive themselves. With the help of partnering organizations in the nation at large, we plan to continue to fund the type of advanced university research that is necessary to capture this data and make a positive impact on the lives of young people, their families, and all communities through informed awareness and intentionally-driven advocacy.

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