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UNT Recovery Conference Held to Benefit Recovery Research

UNT Recovery Conference Held to Benefit Recovery Research

Held on September 21 and 22, 2016, the UNT Recovery Conference featured 18 highly recognized speakers from all over the country. Sponsored by conference partners, expert speakers Mr. Earl Hightower, Ward Blanchard, M.A., LCAS, CSI, Jenni Schaefer, Joe Powell, LCDC, Mike Neatherton, and Dwayne Beason delivered powerful presentations. The event closed with an important keynote presentation by Doctor Kevin McCauley, M.D., about key findings in the substance use recovery research field.

Thanks to the following conference sponsors: La Hacienda, Burning Tree, The Eating Recovery Center, St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center, Northbound Treatment, Jaywalker Lodge, Cirque Lodge, Transforming Youth Recovery, and Life of Purpose Treatment, the event was able to generate much-needed support to sustain the office’s ongoing efforts to provide recovery research, courses, and workshops for recovery treatment professionals.

“We are so grateful to all the top tier providers that came together to support this conference for the UNT Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research,” said Andrew Burki, Founder and CEO of Life of Purpose Treatment. “At a time when the treatment industry is, and rightly so, receiving harsh criticism in the media for the unethical business practices of unscrupulous providers it is more important than ever for the good providers to come together and support innovative initiatives to fund legitimate recovery research at academic institutions such as the University of North Texas. I know, for a fact, that great quality care produces great outcomes. I know this because I am personally the product of that care at our fellow premium sponsor, Cirque Lodge, nearly 15 years ago and have not found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol since receiving treatment at their facility. There are literally hundreds of thousands of stories such as mine from the good providers across our country but until we collaborate and fund recovery research in a meaningful way, the treatment industry will continue to be viewed as anecdotal by both society as a whole and our legislators at the state and federal levels. Miracles with research behind them are called solutions.”

The UNT Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research will use conference proceeds to address substance misuse by combining services in the areas of education and training, research and evaluation, technical assistance and technology development. The Office will serve as an important hub of Texas research on alcohol and drug misuse prevention and recovery and will foster internationally recognized research to better understand the impact of substance use and recovery locally as well as globally.

“In an effort to ensure the highest quality of services possible, this innovative conference brought together, students, professionals, and researchers to engage in conversations related to evidence-based practices and the provision of services in the most ethical manner possible,” said Chair of the Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation and the Director of the Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research at the University of North Texas, Linda Holloway. “Nationally and internationally recognized experts shared their latest research and practice and a select group of exhibitors provided resources. We are grateful to all who attended and supported this conference.”

To learn more about the recovery research office and the conference, click here.

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