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Preparing for Fall Classes

Preparing for Fall Classes

Fall classes are soon to start! If you are like me, this has already been on your mind to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming semester. Also, if you are like me, summer break can create a weird transition for your back to school schedule. It can be tough to transition back to the life of study groups, class times, and your recovery support circles. I remember my first fall semester and believe me I wish I would have planned my time a little better. I knew the campus and where my classes were but I was rushing around all the time because of prior and current commitments overlapping.

Here are a few tips to make your fall classes a little easier this fall:

Plan Ahead. Go to your classrooms, even if you know where they are. Is there a place where you can sit and study before or after class? Is there somewhere you can get refreshments if you are in a rush or have down time?

Create a Routine. Map out your route to your classes. This is really important especially if you only have 10 minutes in between classes. Also, don’t forget to think about when you are going to study. The best practice for studying is to go to the same place where you are comfortable and can focus without a lot of distractions. Do you know a place on campus where you can study?

Self-Care. Remember to take care of yourself and take time for your recovery and self-healing, or let’s call that sleep. Make sure you are staying connected to your supports by planning to have coffee or meet up with your friends at some point throughout the week. Don’t forget about taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest to recharge your brain. I know it will be tough later on in the semester with tests, but if you get into a routine, it will help you in the long run.

Procrastination=Unprepared. Most Professors will have their syllabuses available for you to look at and see what materials you will need through the college portal (most universities have some sort of blackboard/online learning coupled with your classes). Make sure and stay up to date with requirements for your classes, they may have an assignment on your first day, and you might need to get the required book before your first day of classes.

Be Aware of the Price Tag: Be Frugal! Sure, college books can be pricey, so know where you can get your books at the lowest rate – seek used books or rent them. Is there a college bookstore? If so, make sure you are getting the best rate possible. I know how cool those notebooks are with the university emblem, but why spend twenty dollars on a single notebook when you could probably get 5 notebooks, a box of pens, and highlighters for the same cost down the street at your local drug store.

Always Take a Notebook With you the First Way! This is good even if you are just picking up your syllabus and there is not any assignment on the first day, but you could have that one teacher that dives into the curriculum the first day and you have to take notes.

If you have already considered doing some of these tips, congratulations you are ahead of the game! If not, don’t worry! You still have plenty of time, just do not wait too long to start working on them.

Setting yourself up for success is mostly about preparation, and then application. If you can start early and be prepared for your fall classes, you won’t have to scramble around last minute trying to get everything ready for your new schedule.

If you need additional help navigating the fall term, Life of Purpose offers Academically Focused Aftercare services.

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