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Philadelphia Addiction Center Expands at Florida Atlantic University®

City Line Behavioral Healthcare Expands Life Of Purpose Treatment model To National Platform Through Its Affiliation And Location At Research Park At Florida Atlantic University®

PHILADELPHIA — City Line Behavioral Healthcare announces the expansion of its Life of Purpose treatment model into the national research arena by and through its location and affiliation at the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University ®

The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University® is home to technology companies and research- based organizations working to support the research and development activities of Florida Atlantic University, and to foster economic development and broaden the economic base of Broward and Palm Beach counties. Research Park at FAU’s president, Andrew Duffell, MBA, stated, “The Re- search Park at FAU is a 70-acre destination for R&D companies to thrive. and is widely regarded as South Florida’s laboratory for new entrepreneurial ideas and technologies. Now with our affiliation with Life of Purpose Treatment Centers, we can work with their patients who are and have completed their treatment and help them become students at FAU to develop career paths with the ultimate goal of achieving a degree and/or the trade skills necessary to build long term financial and economic stability for themselves.”

According to Andrew J. Rothermel, President & CEO of City Line Behavioral Healthcare, “Our re- cent announcement, on September 13, of our acquisition of Life of Purpose Treatment Centers, and our ongoing location and affiliation with the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University ensures that we are committed to providing evidence based and research driven clinically appropriate treatment care for emerging adults through our expansion of the Life of Purpose treatment model and continuum into Camden County, New Jersey, the greater Philadelphia Mainline area, and in Palm Beach County, Florida. We recognize the growing unmet needs of the substance use disorder population, particularly emerging young adults – ages 19-29- and their desire to enroll in or re-engage with a university either while in or having completed treatment. We are truly com- mitted to helping our patients fulfill a life of purpose, and by providing them with the life skills and opportunity to attend Florida Atlantic University, we are delivering on this promise.”

Life of Purpose treatment centers specializes in evidence-based treatment services for young adults whose education has been disrupted by substance abuse.

Andrew Burki, MSW, Founder of Life of Purpose, noted, “We are thrilled to be located on, and with the Research Park at FAU. For the past five years our mission has been helping clients to find purpose through higher education, trade school, and professional development, both during and post treatment. With our ownership by City Line, we will be able to grow, elevate, and expand our success with the Life of Purpose treatment model, as well as continuing to develop and put forth cutting edge research and treatment best practices to enhance the entire addiction treatment industry. Our ongoing affiliation with the Research Park at FAU brings us one step closer to changing the paradigm for how substance use disorder treatment is conducted in America.”


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