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Vocational Curriculum

Our continuum of care was uniquely designed to address the gap in traditional addiction treatment services offered to emerging adults. The alternative to the pursuit of adequate training or certification is full-time employment in the unskilled workforce.

This lack of upward mobility and perceived stagnation undermines the progress clients make in an acute treatment episode and hinders their ability to build and maintain recovery. This, in turn, strongly correlates with feelings of dissonance and existential crisis within young adult recovery populations.

Clients who do not want to embark on the academic path can choose a trade or certification program that fits their needs as well as personality. In coordination with our clinical team, our academic case managers assist clients find their purpose and work toward their goals.

Our academically focused treatment plan for the vocational curriculum typically includes

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Exploring options at local community college vocational programs
  • Enrollment in trade school certification program
  • Support with financial aid process
  • Monitoring program progress and challenges
  • Assistance with internship opportunities in trade of choice
  • Assistance with employment opportunities in trade of choice
  • Integration into appropriate collegiate recovery community and program
  • Treatment and recovery indicates the pace of this path
  • Additional ancillary tutoring, testing services not included in program fees
  • Enrollment fees and course materials not included in program fees
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