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Postgraduate Curriculum

Adults exploring postgraduate or licensure programs thrive at Life of Purpose Treatment. We provide the support they need to choose the program that best fits their career goals.

Once a college or university graduate has admitted into our program, the client actively participates in structuring an academic treatment plan to support his or her recovery and to fully transition into a career path. Our academic case managers work with our clinical treatment team to ensure the academic treatment plan seamlessly integrates with the clinical component of our program.

Life of Purpose utilizes higher education as the most logical and beneficial extension of a true continuum of care. Excelling in academics provides the self-esteem and self-efficacy our clients need to achieve milestones in their lives, as well as their recovery.

An academic treatment plan for this curriculum traditionally includes

  • Transcripts and documentation from previous schools
  • LSAT, MCAT, etc. prep courses and exams
  • Assistance with financial aid process
  • Enrollment in MBA and other postgraduate programs
  • Support transitioning back to student life
  • Integration into appropriate collegiate recovery community and program
  • Coursework management
  • Assistance with internship opportunities in area of choice
  • Assistance with employment opportunities in career path
  • Treatment and recovery indicates the pace of this path
  • Additional ancillary tutoring and testing services not included in program fees
  • Enrollment fees and course materials not included in program fees
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