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Life of Purpose offers a full continuum of care centered on reality-based treatment, helping clients ages 14 and up and their families heal from the chaos of addiction. We are dedicated to clinical excellence and compassionate care in three convenient locations in the Pennsylvania area. We use evidenced-based treatment strategies with a strong focus on wellness, life skills, and relapse prevention. We help our clients build successful and promising lives without the use of substances. Life of Purpose offers a variety of programs to accommodate different life stages, from high school to retirement.

Included are:

  • Ambulatory Opiate Detoxification
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient services


*Supportive housing resources are available.


Our adolescent addiction awareness and treatment program for ages 14 and up will meet clients developmentally where they are and provide age-appropriate substance use treatment. Strong emphasis is placed on cognitive behavioral skills, affect regulations, oppositional defiant behavior, building social confidence and family work.


This program caters to working adults that have a job or career and focuses on balance, accountability, relapse prevention, and family, among other components. This program is ideal for those that have completed primary care and need additional support to manage re-integration back into the workplace and home.


This program provides individuals with the opportunity to receive treatment services as a potential alternative to incarceration. An individual with pending legal concerns, violations of probation, or court-ordered treatment will work directly with our Court Liaison to help navigate the criminal justice system. Transportation is provided to and from court, attorney appointments, and probation meetings.

Recover Your Purpose


This program works with those clients who require substance use treatment and at the same time can manage attending some form of college or university. We also treat clients who cannot manage being in school and have to focus on their treatment in a structured environment. The goal is to get these clients back on track. Every student not only has access to a clinician but also a case manager to help guide them through the intricacies of navigating the collegiate system.


Our REBOUND program is for individuals who have suffered multiple relapses after maintaining some period of sobriety. It offers a specialized process guided by skilled therapists of intense exploration that focuses on the underlying causes that can lead to relapse. Clients and their families are given strategies to manage these challenges for the future. Additionally, the program helps
participants identify relapse warning signs and learn specific skills that will aid in preventing additional relapses.


Our family program focuses on reconnecting the client with his or her primary support system. The family/supportive relationship is key for successful recovery. This program is dedicated to not only help the client but also help their loved ones recover and live a healthy life.


The Alumni program is a great tool to connect current and former clients in our program with the sober support and resources they need to succeed in life during and after treatment.
We assist our clients as they continue their recovery journey with education, employment leads, and life-skills. We will keep in regular contact through Alumni events like bowling, dancing, food, concerts, etc. Through regular intervals during their sobriety (30, 60, 90, 6 mos. etc) we will check in, help support and track their progress.

Our Alumni coordinators always support people coming
back and sharing their experience, strength, and hope with those individuals starting their recovery journey. The connections that are made in recovery are integral to our clients long-term success.


The Medication- Assisted Treatment (MAT) is for clients on current suboxone protocols. This program provides on-going support, therapy and accountability necessary to rebuild their lives, while attending our continuum of care.


Life Of Purpose accepts most major medical plans. Click the button to verify your insurance benefits.

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