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Transition to Life of Purpose

Individuals have the ability to transition into the Life of Purpose continuum of care at any time. Numerous substance use disorder treatment centers use our program as a step-down and as an extended care resource for their clients with academic aspirations.

The Life of Purpose treatment model is designed to ensure success no matter where an individual is on their road to recovery. Clients have the option to advance to a college or university or to enroll in a vocational or certification program of their choice. Our academic case managers provide the support and guidance individuals need to discover and move toward their purpose.

Having access to a purpose-filled extended care program addresses the single most important issue facing young adults in early recovery. What do I do while I’m waiting to get my life back on track?

If you or your loved one is currently at another substance use disorder treatment center or in early recovery, transitioning to Life of Purpose for extended is simple. Call us today to get started.

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Transition to Life of Purpose

Initial Contact

Reach out to our admissions team to learn more about our program and services. In addition to a conversation about clinical services, we also discuss academic or vocational needs and goals.


In order to create a treatment plan catered specifically to the needs of the client, we will conduct an assessment. The assessment can take place over the phone, in person, or video teleconference.


Once the client’s insurance information has been documented, we will verify the insurance coverage and have a conversation about the cost of treatment and how much is covered by the insurance carrier.

Transition Plan

We collaborate with referring facilities to develop a clinically appropriate transition plan. We also work with therapists, interventionists, discharge planners, peer support specialists and anyone else involved with the recovery process to ensure that the transition to Life of Purpose is seamless and services are delivered with continuity.

Continued Follow-Up

After admission to Life of Purpose, we will continue to follow-up with family members and other constituents involved in the treatment and recovery process. Clinical updates with therapists and discharge planners of the sending facilities are important, we have found that it creates the most fluid transition.

Academic plans generally look different, we start by assessing how a client may fit into common academic paths, based on academic standing and interests.

For example, if a client is interested in obtaining an MBA in sports management, we would recommend the FAU Sports Management MBA, on campus next to our Boca Raton facility.

Examples of academic plans based on academic standing are included below:

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