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Adventure Therapy

The Life of Purpose program includes adventure therapy, a therapeutic process in which clients participate in various “adventures” in a safe and controlled environment. All adventure activities share an element of perceived and/or actual risk. A professional leads clients through trust-building activities that promote communication, challenge their minds, stimulate brain power, and get the client out of his/her day-to-day environment.

Adventure therapy at Life of Purpose involves activities such as paintballing, kayaking, wakeboarding, nature walks, high ropes course, surfing, team sports, snorkeling, team building, and more.

Research on adventure therapy reveal positive outcomes in effectively improving self-concept and self-esteem, help-seeking behavior, increased mutual aid, pro-social behavior, and trust behavior. During these activities, clients challenge themselves to try new things and get out of their comfort zone.

At Life of Purpose, we believe this is crucial to the therapeutic process in order to improve treatment outcomes. The benefits of achieving this “optimal anxiety” during adventure therapy sessions include an increase in productivity, an easier time adapting to change, getting more comfortable pushing your boundaries, and increased brainstorming and creativity. Clients engage in these forgotten activities, which they may have enjoyed from youth. This allows clients to find fun activities they can enjoy while in sobriety.

Our staff provides a premium level of care during these activities to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment. See some our past sessions here.

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