Our Programming Approach

Life of Purpose specializes in the treatment of individuals, age 17 to 29, whose education has been disrupted as a result of substance misuse. There are four levels in our continuum of care including a 60-day Primary program; a 90-day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP); an Academically Focused Aftercare Program™ (90+ days); and a luxury transitional housing program for males known as Life in Progress (180 days). For clients transitioning from another inpatient treatment center, we offer a transitional phase as a short term residential option.

Primary Care
Transitional Phase
Life in Progress
Intensive Outpatient
Academically -Focused Aftercare
Collegiate Recovery Communities and Recovery Dorms
Life of Purpose is the only residential addiction treatment facility on a college campus in the United States. While participating in our 60-day Primary Residential/Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), all clients have the opportunity to attend classes. Our Academically Focused Case Managers™ work in conjunction with our clinical team to minimize any delays in returning to study programs. Our Primary Residential/Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) follows the Florida model design. When not receiving therapeutic services at Research Park on the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) campus, Life of Purpose clients reside in gender-separate, group living facilities with 24-hour, on-site supervision. Treatment sessions Monday through Friday begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 5:00 p.m. with an optional workout at the FAU fitness complex. During treatment time, clients participate in both group and individual sessions with our multidisciplinary staff. Evidenced-based therapeutic modalities with proven efficacy in the treatment of substance use disorders in this particular demographic are utilized. Throughout every level of care, each client works with the same treatment team for continuity. Clients form strong relationships as they keep the same individual therapist and Academically Focused Case Manager.
Our transitional level of care is an ideal short term residential option for clients who are transitioning into our academically focused continuum of care from another treatment environment. During their transitional experience, clients will work with their clinical care team from two to four weeks in order to prepare for participation in a lower level of care where greater independence and responsibility will serve as foundational building blocks on the journey toward a life of purpose.
Life in Progress offers a safe, academically supportive and affordable sober housing option that includes a live-in recovery residence manager who provides 24-hour, on-site supervision. Other features include an on-site, full-time academic case manager Monday through Friday as well as several on-site offices where behavioral health technicians can offer immediate, individualized support.
Our IOP model features a minimum nine-hour clinical week with clients attending group sessions at least three evenings per week. The clinical continuum includes individual therapy, case management, and at least seven hours of group therapy per week. One of the primary goals of IOP treatment is an emphasis on relapse prevention as clients learn to integrate coping skills into real life situations.
Clients can stay connected month-to-month with continued support from Life of Purpose in our Academically Focused Aftercare Program™. Clients continue to meet for two hours weekly with their individual therapist and Academically Focused Case ManagerTM while attending at least one group session per week that covers issues related to substance use disorders.
Life of Purpose has set out to transition our clients into long term support services that are included in college tuition. We are the largest referrer from treatment to college in the nation and strive to empower our clients to join a collegiate recovery program at their school of choice and participate in the local recovery community. This is determined on a case by case basis with academic interests being a major factor. Florida Atlantic University and University of North Texas offer robust collegiate recovery programs that do not cost anything to be a part of. We understand that not all of our clients will want to attend these schools or transition to the University of North Texas Recovery Dormitory and work with many schools across the country such as Rutgers, Penn State, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Michigan State, George Washington University, and The University of Texas at Austin (to name a few). We keep a growing database of schools with collegiate recovery programs and services and relationships to make the navigation and transition phase out of Life of Purpose seamless.

We regard education as an essential element of one’s identity. Our goal is to help guide the client toward a deeper, self-determined commitment to recovery. Using an existential approach to treatment that is consistent with Twelve-Step principles, clients have an opportunity to view their challenges through the lens of universal human experience. Using focused, honest, age-appropriate dialogue, our clients are encouraged to identify their personal values and embrace a greater sense of their life’s meaning and purpose.

We Offer Case Management with a Focus on Academic Success

The Academically Focused Case Management ProgramTM is unique to the Life of Purpose treatment model. It is designed to address the gap in traditional addiction treatment services that are offered to young people.

The program focuses on the management of stressors common to college students in early recovery. Throughout all levels of care, clients work with our highly skilled and experienced team of case managers to learn self-advocacy skills and how to bolster the coping mechanisms necessary to stay sober while navigating the challenges of a college education.

We provide advice as needed with transferring credits from other institutions of learning. We offer assistance in addressing concerns with school transcripts and student status. We walk clients through the process of registering for classes while putting the actual responsibilities of handling all these activities in their hands in order to foster independence and self-confidence. Once enrolled, we consistently monitor coursework and implement academic interventions when necessary.

A commitment to strong clinical and academic case management empowers our clients to set higher, more purposeful life goals and establish long-term recovery pathways while gradually easing back into student life. Following our 90-day Academically Focused Case Management ProgramTM, clients usually transition to our Life of Purpose alumni support services and university-based collegiate recovery communities (CRCs).