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A Purpose Driven Approach to Addiction Treatment in Flrodia

Life of Purpose addiction treatment centers are a family of substance abuse and mental health programs dedicated to providing young adults and adults with the necessary tools to ignite their purpose and recovery.  Whether you are a teen or young adult needing to get your life back in order and complete your education, or a professional spinning out of control and needing to re-engage your passion and career, we have programs designed for you. There are four levels in our continuum of care including a 60-day Primary program; a 90-day Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP); an Academically Focused Aftercare Program™ (90+ days); and a luxury transitional housing program for males known as Life in Progress (180 days). For clients transitioning from another inpatient treatment center, we offer a transitional phase as a short-term residential option.


We regard education as an essential element of one’s identity. Our goal is to help guide the client toward a deeper, self-determined commitment to recovery. Using an existential approach to treatment that is consistent with Twelve-Step principles, clients have an opportunity to view their challenges through the lens of universal human experience. Using focused, honest, age-appropriate dialogue, our clients are encouraged to identify their personal values and embrace a greater sense of their life’s meaning and purpose.

We Offer Case Management with a Focus on Academic Success

The Academically Focused Case Management ProgramTM is unique to the Life of Purpose treatment model. It is designed to address the gap in traditional addiction treatment services that are offered to young people.

The program focuses on the management of stressors common to college students in early recovery. Throughout all levels of care, clients work with our highly skilled and experienced team of case managers to learn self-advocacy skills and how to bolster the coping mechanisms necessary to stay sober while navigating the challenges of a college education.

We provide advice as needed with transferring credits from other institutions of learning. We offer assistance in addressing concerns with school transcripts and student status. We walk clients through the process of registering for classes while putting the actual responsibilities of handling all these activities in their hands in order to foster independence and self-confidence. Once enrolled, we consistently monitor coursework and implement academic interventions when necessary.

A commitment to strong clinical and academic case management empowers our clients to set higher, more purposeful life goals and establish long-term recovery pathways while gradually easing back into student life. Following our 90-day Academically Focused Case Management ProgramTM, clients usually transition to our Life of Purpose alumni support services and university-based collegiate recovery communities (CRCs).

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