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Academically-focused Case Management in Boca Raton, FL

Life of Purpose provides case management throughout all three levels of care to assist the…

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Advocacy for Clients in Early Recovery

Early recovery can be a troublesome journey for many who are attempting to acclimate the…

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A “Reason” to Stay Sober

At Life of Purpose, we know that we can better serve our clients to succeed…

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Do You Know Where People Aren’t Dying from Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health Concerns?

Last year we had over 60,000 deaths from opioids. We had over 100,000 deaths from…

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Co-occurring Disorders in The Treatment Continuum of Care and Higher Education

Arguably the single greatest misconception for families experiencing a crisis about co-occurring disorders is that…

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Navigating Academia with Co-Occurring Use Disorders

Have you ever heard someone say, “just try harder”, or “suck it up that’s life?”…

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