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#MuggleMonday and Recovery Allies

#MuggleMonday and Recovery Allies

At Life of Purpose we understand that recovery from a substance use disorder is made possible in part by recovery allies. To honor our amazing allies, we are starting a series of posts called #MuggleMonday. Theses posts will be featuring different “muggles” who help make recovery possible.

The term muggle has derives from a pop culture reference to the Harry Potter series. In the series, the wizards refer to their non-wizard counterparts as muggles. Our founder and CEO Andrew Burki has made this reference so many times that it has begun to catch on.

We encourage everyone to honor the recovery allies that they know by posting to social media and using the #MuggleMonday and #RecoveryAlly hashtag. Each Monday we will be featuring a different “muggle” on our social media accounts and/or website.

Today we will start off by honoring Amanda Dwyer. Amanda is the business manager at Life of Purpose. She joined the team a little over three months ago, which is hard to believe because it feels as though she has been a part of us for much longer.

Not only does Amanda help keep Life of Purpose running, but she also has expressed interest in joining Young People in Recovery as a recovery ally. Amanda shares passion with co-workers in advocacy and has continued to impress our team with her dedication and hard work.

On behalf of everyone at Life of Purpose, I would like to thank Amanda for being such an amazing recovery Ally!! #MuggleMonday

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