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Meet Lissa Franklin

Meet Lissa Franklin

Meet Lissa! As Clinical Outreach Coordinator, she helps people find and receive treatment for substance use disorder at the appropriate level of care. Lissa believes it is her responsibility to keep hope alive, the same way that it was kept alive for her. Recovery and higher education have afforded her a life beyond her wildest dreams, the drive to achieve excellence, a passion to be a voice, and to shed a positive light on addiction recovery.

Without further ado, meet Lissa.

Tell us a little bit about your role at Life of Purpose.

I am an outreach coordinator for Life of Purpose. My role is to establish community and clinical relationships within the community, to educate others on how we empower students in their recovery through our therapeutic curriculum and higher education.

What do you love the most about your job?

The part that I love most about my job is the interaction with the families and students. It is so wonderful to see the excitement in both parties’ spirits as they realize there is hope. It is even more wonderful to see the sparkle of recovery happen for someone while they are simultaneously pursuing college.

Tell us something about yourself most people don’t know.

My first major in college was Zoology because I wanted to be a marine mammal conservationist, with a focus on dolphins and orcas. I am now committed to social services and hospital administration because helping people become their best selves through recovery is my true passion.

Do you have any tips for families on deciding which treatment facility to choose?

Do your research, and ask a multitude of thorough questions. Often I see families pick a treatment facility based on an internet-based search, the center was either the first one to pop up on the search engine, the center had lavish pictures, or there was over exaggerated ‘luxury’ accommodations. It has been described to me like picking a hotel, they think they are staying at a 5-star resort, and upon arrival and stay, they realize the internet did not accurately convey the truth. Finding a treatment center for a loved one is the first step to the foundation of their recovery, which is a life and death situation. A thorough evaluation of a program for clinical soundness and quality of care is crucial.

What can loved ones do if a person is resistant to getting help?

Utilize the professional help available. My job as an outreach coordinator is to assist in this process, you can reach any one of us 24/7. Our admissions team is great in assisting with the initial intervention, and even our Founder and CEO, Andrew Burki, will gratefully help in this process. More times than not, through discussions with our team and hope for their collegiate future, the redirection is successful. If it is not, through relationships built within the professional community, we have established a network of therapeutic interventionists that can be brought in to assist with the transition.

Thanks, Lissa. To learn more about our staff, click here.

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