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Life of Purpose Treatment Opens at the University of North Texas

Life of Purpose Treatment Opens at the University of North Texas

We are excited to announce the opening of our second location on a university campus at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas. Our new facility is housed at UNT’s Chilton Hall, adjacent to the office of the UNT Collegiate Recovery Program.

Young adults who are seeking recovery from substance use disorder, but do not want their treatment to keep them from pursuing university degrees, now have a therapeutic care resource at the University of North Texas. Denton Life of Purpose serves clients seeking intensive outpatient treatment and academically focused aftercare. Offered as a step down from a primary level of care, or as a stand-alone program, our treatment model provides services specifically designed to assist emerging adults who have a desire to attend college.

“We’re unbelievably excited to have successfully brought this project with the University of North Texas to fruition,” said Andrew Burki, Founder and CEO of Life of Purpose Treatment. “The establishment of a Life of Purpose facility, not just on another university campus but actually physically located within an academic college, signifies a successful leap forward for the Life of Purpose academically focused substance use disorder treatment model. The reality that emerging adults in early recovery thrive in higher education, with the proper clinical and academic support, has already been demonstrated in several hundred cases at our Florida Atlantic University facility. The idea that individuals can succeed with the full institutional support of a tier one academic powerhouse such as UNT is at the very cutting edge of our field. At a time in our society when we are inundated with tragic stories of so many bright young individuals passing before their time as a result of the substance use disorder epidemic in our country, it is with profound gratitude and hope that we look to recovery champions such as the University of North Texas to create a paradigm shift.”

Denton Life of Purpose’s leadership team includes Brent Harper, who serves as Executive Director, and Carly Shannon, LPC, a UNT alumna, as Clinical Director. Andrew Burki, MSW, and Andrew Maggiore will continue to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, respectively.

As the first residential treatment center on a college campus in the United States, our treatment model was developed based on research indicating higher success rates in emerging adults whose recovery and academic support are integrated. In 2013, Andrew Burki, opened the first Life of Purpose Treatment facility on the Florida Atlantic University campus.

Our Florida location offers inpatient, intensive outpatient treatment, academically focused aftercare, and transitional housing. Life in Progress, Life of Purpose’s recovery dorms, is available to individuals in recovery and conveniently located near Lynn University, Palm Beach State College, and Florida Atlantic University. Clients can enroll and benefit from our services at any of these four levels of care, at any time with clinical clearance.

For more information about Denton Life of Purpose, call 1 888-787-7673.

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