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How To Rock Out Your Labor Day Weekend

How To Rock Out Your Labor Day Weekend

As a student, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those holidays during the semester. It can be a nice break to get caught up on homework and maybe get some extra rest. As a student that is in recovery, those are the days I like to call “self-care” days. It is during that time I like to treat myself a little extra nice. Although we are still early in the semester, Labor Day weekend is going to be a nice little adventure that will refresh my spirit from the first few weeks of school. After all, who doesn’t like a little extra time off?!

How do you plan to ROCK OUT your holiday weekend? Do you have any plans yet? If you do, that is great! I am sure that you have probably envisioned lying by a pool, a beach, or hanging out with friends. But let me ask you this, do you have homework? Is there something that you are procrastinating on that maybe you can knock out on Friday, and then have the entire weekend to veg out? Well, let me tell you there is never a time that I have not procrastinated about something and it is in the back of my mind. It stays there and festers like a pebble in my shoe. It always hits right as I am relaxing or enjoying myself, and BAM! There it is a history paper or biology homework that I was trying to forget about.

There is a lot of mental stress that comes with procrastination and my advice, DON’T DO IT! This is one of the biggest problems about holiday weekends – you think you have so much time to do your homework that you think you can wait. My experience is that I have stayed up until 4am writing a paper that was due the next day because I did not properly plan my weekend. So don’t be like me, I have learned my lesson, which I will never do again. If this is your biggest complication to the holiday weekend, just knock out that homework and enjoy!

If you still do not really know what you want to do for the weekend, here are a few suggestions:

  • Call some of your support group and friends! Have a day with the girls or guys! Plan some time to spend with them because you know that when you get back to school, it will be all work and not so much time to play.
  • A day of much needed rest. If you are like me, you probably run yourself out often from working and school. Take some time to catch up on sleep, meditate, or whatever activity you find relaxing.
  • Go to the movies, a play, or check out the local park. Escaping reality is not always a bad thing when you have time to do it!
  • Go visit the family! If you are lucky enough to live in the same state as your family while at college, go see them! This might be the last time you can take a road trip until Thanksgiving.
  • DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! I obviously cannot stress this enough!

One more thing, take care of yourself! This is the only mind, body, and spirit that you have so take care of it by investing in yourself! Have a great holiday weekend, and ROCK IT OUT!

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