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Good News for Vacationing During the Addiction Recovery Journey

Good News for Vacationing During the Addiction Recovery Journey

Vacations are one of life’s pleasures, but they can be challenging for a person with an addiction problem. Here’s how to enjoy your break while recovering from substance use.

Some of the biggest challenges in addiction recovery happen after you leave treatment. Many people recovering from an addiction problem adjust to a new normal. When something comes along to disrupt this new normal, it can throw a wrench in the recovery process. One of the biggest challenges is surviving that first school break or vacation during addiction recovery.

Learning How Sobriety and Vacation Coexist

Whether it’s a break from school or a hard-earned vacation away from the obligations of home and work, these brief periods of escape are seen as a cause for celebration. While the carefree attitude and tendency for overindulgence might seem perfectly normal to the general population, it can be extremely challenging for someone who is just learning how sobriety and vacation can coexist.

School breaks and vacations present obstacles for those who are on the recovery journey. For instance, a newly recovering person with an addiction problem might be completely thrown off by the lack of structure in their day or being surrounded by others who are able to drink socially without a problem. For other people, these breaks in the routine place them face to face with some of the triggers that lead to their addiction.

Learning how to enjoy life’s little breaks without a setback in early recovery is an important step in the recovery process. Anyone looking forward to their first vacation as a newly recovering person with an addiction problem shouldn’t go into it unprepared. It’s important to have an established plan for maintaining sobriety while away from your home base.

Tips to Avoid a Setback on Vacation During Addiction Recovery

Whenever you go away on vacation, you’re stepping away from the new, healthy norm that you’ve established for yourself. Doing this can leave you with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, especially if you’re expecting to encounter people or scenarios that pose a high risk for triggering a desire to use. Please know that there are things you can do to minimize the risks.

Here are 4 tips to avoid having a relapse in early recovery during vacation.

  1. Have an escape plan.

If you know that you’re going to be in situations that might trigger your desire to use, the best plan is to avoid them. However, if avoiding them means missing out on your vacation, plan B involves having a backup plan for escape.

If you’re going to be in your hometown, enlist the help of some trusted family or friends that will come get you immediately if you feel you can’t handle a situation. If you’re away from home, make sure you have a way of leaving a triggering situation. For example, knowing how to contact Uber, a cab or having a trusted person with you that will leave with no questions asked.

  1. Have a sit-down conversation.

If you’re returning home for the first time after treatment or are going away with family or friends that haven’t been with you through the process, take the time to sit down and have an honest conversation about what you need from them to maintain your sobriety. It might be that you need the people who are around you to abstain or to simply understand that you may have to leave a social gathering without explanation.

  1. Stay in touch with supportive family and friends.

You might find that being alone in your thoughts is too difficult. If there has ever been a time to overfill your social calendar, it is now. Keep the company of supportive people around you to help keep the mind off of your own struggles and plan to attend social gatherings where you know your sobriety will be supported.

  1.  On the other hand, don’t be afraid to say no.

Hold firm to your limits and say no to people or scenarios that might put your sobriety at risk. If someone makes you feel guilty for this, then they’re someone you should reconsider allowing in your life.

Seeking Help with Addiction Recovery in Bala Cynwyd

It is possible to have an amazing vacation during addiction recovery, but if you find yourself struggling you can reach out to a provider of addiction recovery in Bala Cynwyd at any time. Vacations are meant to be one of life’s pleasures. Learning the coping strategies to maintain your recovery is key to living a life that is worthwhile and addiction free.


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