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What does Academically-Focused Substance Use Disorder Treatment mean?

Our model was specifically designed to meet the needs of emerging adults who do not wish to have their education disrupted by a treatment episode. Our clinical team treats the underlying causes of substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders while focusing on relapse prevention, life skills, and other evidence-based practices to help them sustain long-term recovery. Our academically focused case managers provide an academic assessment and treatment plan to help our clients earn a degree or program certification. Both of these elements happen simultaneously while a client is under our care, hence the term academically focused substance use disorder treatment. We are not a twelve-step program, but we do introduce our clients to different fellowships.

What does Academically Focused Aftercare mean?

Once a client has completed primary addiction treatment and only low-level support is required, we offer academically focused aftercare. Unlike traditional aftercare programs, this level of care was designed to help our clients deal with the ongoing stressors of being a student in recovery. This level of care includes three clinical hours. Within those hours, our clients receive one individual therapy session with their primary therapist, one individual session with their academically focused case manager, and one group therapy session per week.

What is the length of your program?

It depends on what is deemed clinically necessary based on the needs of each client. Treatment, clinical necessity, and recovery dictate how quickly a client moves through our levels of care.

What are your levels of care?

Primary Treatment – Offered at our Florida addiction treatment facility and our Pennsylvania rehab treatment locations near Philadelphia

Transitional Phase – Offered at our South Florida treatment center and it is available for clients stepping down from another primary treatment facility to acclimate to our program.

Intensive Outpatient – Offered at our Florida addiction treatment center and our Pennsylvania addiction recovery centers near Philadelphia

Academically Focused Aftercare – Offered at our Florida facility and our rehab treatment centers in PA in close proximity to parts of New Jersey

Have there been studies done to measure the effectiveness of your program?

Yes, our model was published in the Oxford Journals. Click here to read the study.

Do I have to be a student or enrolled in a school to participate in your programs?

You do not have to be a current student or enrolled in a program. Once an academically focused case manager completes an assessment, they will help you determine which path forward is the best to pursue.

What if I didn’t finish high school?

We can help you earn a GED.

What if I don’t want to go to college?

There are other options such as vocational and trade certification programs available.

What if I currently reside in a different country?

We help coordinate student visa process.

How old do you have to be to participate in the program?

We welcome any clients age 17 and older.

What if I don’t want to go to college?

There are other options such as vocational and trade certification programs available. Our first priority is helping you find yourself during your addiction recovery journey.

If I am already enrolled in school, how do I navigate going to treatment and keep up with my studies?

It all depends on your school’s policy and ability to allow their students to keep up with coursework remotely. Once you enter our program, one of our academically focused case managers will work with you and your school to coordinate this process.

Can I still participate in the program if I have low grades?

Absolutely! Our academically focused case managers will work with you to fix your grades and improve your grade point average.

Can I still enroll if I already have a degree?

Yes. If you already have a degree, we can still help you find employment or an internship in your major of choice or we can help you decide a graduate school or a certification program that is right for you. Postgraduate Curriculum

Will I have access to a computer or can I bring my own?

Yes, you may bring your own laptop and can use it once your primary therapist approves use of your personal computer. We also provide computer access.

What should I pack and bring with me?

  • 7-10 days worth of comfortable clothing (washers, dryers, and laundry detergent are provided)
  • athletic clothes and shoes to be worn at the gym and during active or adventure groups (yoga pants/leggings are only to be worn during fitness activities – spandex type pants are not appropriate as every day attire)
  • basic toiletry items (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, skin care items, hair products – no products containing alcohol)
  • bathing suit and beach attire (beach towel if you choose to bring one)
  • sweatshirt/sweater
  • appropriate reading materials
  • personal journey/notebook
  • iPod/MP3 shuffle and headphones for gym use only (any devices with internet capability or a camera will not be allowed)
  • Laptop for academic purposes (must be checked out from staff with approval and only used with staff supervision. Computers are available at the facility for clients who do not bring a personal computer)
  • Vaporizes or E-Cigarettes along with chewing or dipping tobacco are not currently allowed for primary care clients at Life of Purpose. Nicotine cessation options are available upon request
  • If client is currently taking prescription medication, please refer to the admissions department prior to arrival to determine what is necessary to bring
  • Over-the-counter medications are not allowed
  • linens, pillows, towels, and cleaning supplies are all provided

Dress code is enforced at our program. Neither our male nor female clients are allowed to wear tank tops (allowed only at the beach or gym), shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh length, or any clothing that depicts inappropriate writing or images. In the event that a client does bring such clothing, these items will be removed from their personal belongings, with their acknowledgement, and locked in storage with any other personal belongings of theirs that may be held during their stay in primary treatment – such as a cell phone. These items will be returned upon discharge.

Is there ongoing support after completing treatment at your facility

After completing primary treatment or intensive outpatient treatment, we recommend our clients participate in our Academically Focused Aftercare program. As soon as our clients enter treatment, we help them integrate with their school’s collegiate recovery program or community. Clients can continue to receive support from their collegiate recovery program for free as long as they are a registered student and long after they have completed our program.

We also offer an alumni program where clients receive ongoing support and are invited to participate in different activities.

Is transportation to and from school included in your program?

Our behavioral health technicians drive our clients to and from school. Clients may also ride their bicycles or drive their own vehicles once they have been approved to drive by their primary therapist.

What type of support or services do you offer families?

At Life of Purpose, we make family participation mandatory. Your loved one’s primary therapist will maintain communication with you throughout the treatment process and invite you to participate in family therapy sessions. We also provide a private Facebook group for families, and other additional recommendations and resources.

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