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Finding Your Inspiration

Finding Your Inspiration

Coming into recovery was one of the hardest things I have ever done. For me, that process meant having to abandon everything that I thought I knew about how to live life as a responsible person. Recovery is a process by which a person can be restored to a version of themselves that is not deemed as self-destructive. Before entering into recovery, destruction is all I knew.

Recovery was the first step in finding who I was and where I wanted to go in life. I had to believe it was possible to live differently and have a different mindset about life itself in order for this process to be effective. When I set my mind to going back to college, I knew that this was something I was passionate about. I was ready to start and eager to learn. However, this was only one piece of a new life. Being a college student is hard and can be exhausting. So where do you find your inspiration?

When thinking back to some of the experiences I have had over the years, I can always remember seeing someone doing well and talking to them about how they accomplished their goals. I have found that I find that my inspiration comes from the people around me. I can watch people succeed and see that it is possible for me to also succeed. I get motivated when I can help someone succeed and I draw inspiration from them.

I asked some friends of mine where they draw inspiration from and this is what they said:



People. I’m super laser-focused on finding people that inspire me and also seeing growth in others, in general, inspires me. Nature helps me also, it helps me to “connect” then it calms me down so I can move forward. I use that a lot actually!



I get mine from comedy, sometimes you just have to make a good joke about a serious situation. That’s how I keep moving forward.



What I do to stay inspired every day is read meditations and readings in the morning. I pray, and utilize guided meditations. I stay accountable to my friends, family, and support group members. 






When I see people falling into the same traps I did, or identify possible injustices or “hang ups’, I could easily get caught in. It is kind of like telling me what NOT to do. It’s almost preventive measures for my own path. Along the way, I help others and that is fulfilling in itself. 



What inspires me is when I get to help another person achieve their goals in life than that inspires me to achieve mine, because they were empowered to make their own choices, and that pushed them to meet their end goal.



I would have to say I get my inspiration from other people in recovery who I can call and talk to, which in turn gives me a whole new perspective on my situation. Also my support system and the people I look up to!



I look at the struggles I’ve already made it through and I know that through the tough times is when I grow the most. Muhammad Ali said, “It’s what you do when you’re exhausted that defines you.” I know that when everybody is counting me out, when it defies what is expected or what should happen, but I know I can do it. I sometimes need people to remind me of what I’m capable of because I get down on myself sometimes, but I snap out of it and hit the ground running.



I get my inspiration from seeing people fight through this journey of life. Seeing others and myself go through situations and coming out a survivor and stronger than before. Seeing integrity, ambition, compassion, humility, vulnerability, and motivation is very inspiring to me. 

After reading some of these responses, they inspired me! There are so many things in this world that can motivate us. We need to remember what these things are and keep them close to us. We never know when we are going to need a little motivation in our life!

Comment below and tell us where you get your inspiration from!








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