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Collegiate Recovery Twitter Chat #CRChat

Collegiate Recovery Twitter Chat #CRChat

Life of Purpose Treatment, Transforming Youth Recovery, and Recovery Campus Magazine have partnered to host a collegiate recovery Twitter chat series. The first #CRChat will be held on Monday, July 18th at 8pm EST.

Collegiate Recovery Chat (#CRChat) is a conversation about collegiate recovery for students, parents, educators, and anyone interested in furthering recovery support resources in higher education. The first topic to be discussed during the series is the importance of the collegiate recovery resources and support.

“We are so excited to be a part of the new #CRChat with Life of Purpose and Recovery Campus,” said Daniel Fred, Executive Director of Transforming Youth Recovery. “We believe in doing everything we can in advancing the collegiate recovery movement and making recovery more accessible on every higher education institution. It is incredible to be able to partner with other organizations with the same desire, like Life of Purpose and Recovery Campus Magazine. Join us in the chat and be a part of the solution.”

“One of the great blessings of being involved in the collegiate recovery movement is the spirit of collaboration which exists between all of those dedicated to growing this important endeavor,” said Trent Boozer, Publisher of Recovery Campus Magazine. “With that in mind, it is a privilege to join forces with Transforming Youth Recovery and Life of Purpose to discuss the issues facing recovering young adults. Recovery is a challenging journey filled with trials and tribulations. Therefore, we are excited to join the discussion of collegiate recovery resources and support.”

“College has been viewed as a recovery-hostile environment for decades, research shows collegiate recovery communities and programs help students thrive in academia and reduce relapse rates,” said Veronica Amarante, Director of Marketing at Life of Purpose Treatment. “Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of all of the resources available to students in recovery. We want to get the word out about the collegiate recovery movement and what better partners to do that with than Recovery Campus Magazine and Transforming Youth Recovery.”

Each chat host is a stakeholder in the collegiate recovery movement and brings their unique background and experience to the conversation.

Transforming Youth Recovery is a 501(c) 3 non-profit founded by Stacie Mathewson that looks specifically at the community, educational and peer networks that influence youth development and achievement and is both researching and providing viable solutions that are dramatically expanding family and school-based prevention, intervention and recovery support services.

Recovery Campus Magazine, in collaboration with the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE), delivers informative and relevant editorial information to young adults who are making important decisions regarding their addiction and recovery. Their mission is to raise awareness of the Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRCs) on campuses across the country.

Life of Purpose Treatment is an academically focused substance use disorder treatment program for emerging adults whose education has been disrupted by substance misuse. With facilities at the University of North Texas and Florida Atlantic University, their model provides services specifically designed to assist young adults who want to attend college.

Follow Recovery Campus, Transforming Youth Recovery, and Life of Purpose on Twitter for real-time updates about this event. Don’t forget to use hashtag #CRChat on July 18th at 8pm EST to join the conversation.

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