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As a College Student It’s Okay to Ask for Help

As a College Student It’s Okay to Ask for Help

How many times has the fear of being judged or misunderstood stopped you from talking to a friend or a loved about an experience? I can tell you there have been times in the past where I would let situations play out in my mind over and over again. I would ask myself what I could have done differently? If anything at all. The feeling of being completely helpless would override any rational thought. I would think who would help me anyway. I’m here to tell you it’s okay to ask for help.

If it’s causing you harm in other areas of your life, it may be something you need to talk about.

When we are misusing alcohol, we may not be able to control how much we drink next time – or have someone to even monitor our intake. I know what you are thinking, as a college student it is almost ridiculous to think that you will not drink at a college party or some other social gathering. That is what is “socially acceptable.” Sometimes, it is even celebrated to binge drink or over consume alcohol. Most people can consider this a “stage” or “a rite of passage,” but if this is causing you harm in other areas of your life it may be something you need to talk about. It is ok to talk to someone.

College life is all about living and learning. It is an opportunity to be your own person, away from your parents, and to discover life’s possibilities. We make some mistakes and learn from them. However, if you continuously make the same mistake and it is affecting your relationships with peers, professors, and the school, there may be some underlying issues. This is not a bad thing, but you need to ask for help. If you don’t, you could continue to go down the same path you are on and things could potentially get worse. There are options! Do not ever think that your situation can not change. However, in order for that situation to change you have to speak up and talk to someone.

Traditionally, every school has a center where students can go and vent about tests, classes, other students, and even personal issues.

I know how hard it is to go up to a counselor or even a friend and share some of your most vulnerable secrets; it is not a good feeling to put yourself and your feelings out there – but it’s necessary to ask for help. If you don’t feel confident about confiding in a friend, then find out more information about your school’s counseling center. Traditionally, every school has a center where students can go and vent about tests, classes, other students, and even some issues. This is a great place to start. If you feel that you do need help, there are places that can help you without impacting your academics. Trust me when I say I understand your fear of graduation dates and class loads. But also know that as a student myself, school is so much easier without personal issues that can cause stress alongside the stress of academic requirements. Life of Purpose, an academically focused substance use disorder treatment program, is now operating on campuses in Florida, Texas, and soon Tennessee. They even have sober living facilities that function as sober dorms. There are so many options for you to get the help that you need without hindering your academics, and it’s confidential.

Starting the conversation is probably the hardest part. Questions like what do you say, and am I going to get into trouble will probably be in your mind. Let me put your thoughts at ease by saying that the people that you will be talking to are going to be your biggest supporters and allies. They WANT to see you succeed! They want to see you graduate, and most of all be a whole person filled with confidence and positive experiences. They are there to help you be the best version of yourself, all you have to do is ask for help today!

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