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Choosing Life of Purpose Treatment for Your Loved One

Choosing Life of Purpose Treatment for Your Loved One

Why Life of Purpose?

In choosing the best treatment center for your child, your loved one, or yourself, there are countless details to take into consideration. If a good fit is made, this place has the ability to lay a perfectly strong and supportive foundation for this person to continue with their life in recovery. If on the other hand, the facility does not meet the needs of the individual and family, then emotional energy, time, and money have just been spent without much benefit.

Location, the length of the program, insurance coverage, and unique programming and offerings are just some of the factors that families all over the country review before selecting a treatment center. This post will provide brief and direct answers to these important questions for any readers who are still searching for the best place to begin (or continue!) a journey of recovery.

Life of Purpose is the first primary care treatment center located on college campuses in the country. Our program is centered around the fact that education and recovery can go hand-in-hand and that, in fact, they complement each other. We have three locations and we are growing! Our original location is housed at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. We opened our next set of doors at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and most recently, in Cherry Hill New Jersey we opened Life of Purpose NJ. 

Our Florida location offers clients residential housing during a partial hospitalization program (60 days), transitional placement (15-30 days) specifically designed for clients transferring from another primary care facility, an intensive outpatient program (90 days), academically focused aftercare™ (90-180 days), and Life in Progress, our luxury student recovery residence. In addition to these comprehensive treatment opportunities, clients are permitted to enroll as students at any institution of their choosing, including any of the three nearby institutions: Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State College, or Lynn University.

At our MTSU location in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, clients can access our intensive outpatient program (90 days), and academically focused aftercare™ (90-180 days). Our Middle Tennessee facility specializes in case management and assistance with clients’ legal issues. Our case managers at this location are connected to the admissions departments at MTSU, Motlow Community College, and local trade schools, making it possible for clients to enroll in classes right away. A student recovery residence is also available near MTSU, providing an additional layer of stability and connection to our staff.

In New Jersey, we offer our intensive outpatient program (90 days), and academically focused aftercare™ (90 -180 days). A client may begin treatment at this location or may transfer to this location after completing a primary care program with us or at another facility. Our treatment programming fits in seamlessly with the many academic and vocational services in the region. 

Finally, insurance coverage is an aspect of seeking treatment, please use our individualized insurance verification tool to confirm that we accept your medical plan.

The common thread among each of our locations is our commitment to each client’s individualized treatment episode coupled with their purposeful academic pursuits. If you have any remaining questions about Life of Purpose, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions office at 1 (888) 787-7673.

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