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Can You Recover From Addiction When It Runs In Your Family?

Can You Recover From Addiction When It Runs In Your Family?

When substance use runs in your family it can feel as though it is impossible to recover from addiction. Here’s what you need to successfully recover when addiction is a family affair.

When someone has an addiction problem, the people who are most affected are typically the ones who are closest to the person’s center of life – most often including their family. Being close to someone who has an addiction problem can have a profound effect on your life; including an elevated risk of addictive behaviors yourself. It often appears that addiction runs in families, but what does this mean for long term success when you finally take steps to recover from an addiction of your own?

Is Addiction Inherited?

Over the years there has been a fair amount of research looking to answer the question of “is addiction inherited?” What we currently know is that there’s enough clinical backing to establish that about half of a person’s individual risk factors are based on genetic predisposition. This statistic means that half of the average person’s risk for addiction has nothing to do with their environment.

Knowledge is power, and realizing that addiction isn’t just a product of environmental factors can be empowering. However, considering how much environment does affect addiction, is it possible to achieve long term sobriety when other members of your close family are working through addiction problems of their own?

Understanding the Patterns of Addiction

It is possible to successfully recover from a substance misuse disorder when you’re genetically predisposed, but doing so begins by understanding the patterns of addiction.

When a person comes from a family environment where excessive drug and alcohol use is common, it can distort their perception of reality. Not only do they likely have a predisposition for addictive behaviors, but they also are in an environment that promotes drug use. For instance, a child of an alcoholic parent may use drugs or alcohol to escape how they feel mentally about a situation. They may also be encouraged to participate in substance use from an early age.

Unfortunately, even when all parties acknowledge that seeking addiction treatment is the healthiest option, it might not be well received within the family. This reaction is especially true when a close family member has an active addiction problem and feels angered by or inferior to the person seeking treatment.

Embracing Addiction Recovery When Substance Use Runs In Your Family

Is it possible to successfully complete an addiction recovery program and look forward to a life of sobriety when substance use runs in your family?

The answer is yes, absolutely. However, there are some unique challenges that you’ll have to face during the recovery process.

For instance, true recovery will involve looking at your personal relationships with family members who also have unhealthy habits of drug and alcohol use. You may find that an unhealthy relationship with them served as fuel for your own addiction.

For the person who comes from a family environment of addiction, it’s extremely important to look outside of the family unit for support. Those who are dealing with addiction, or the effects of another person’s substance use on their life, usually aren’t in a place mentally to devote energy to your recovery process. Work towards releasing blame and healing negative feelings towards them while getting the support you need from other sources.

Finally, as difficult as it may be, you may have to suspend your relationship with certain family members or resist the pressure to attend family events where alcohol or drugs are likely to be used. At this point in your recovery process, you are priority one – even if it means changing the dynamics of your family relationships.

The Help You Need At an Addiction Treatment Center in Fort Washington

When you come from a family with a predisposition for addiction, it can feel like you are completely alone when seeking treatment to recover from addiction. An experienced addiction treatment center in Fort Washington can help you build the support system you need to succeed. Don’t let a family history of addiction prevent you from taking the important first step in reclaiming your life. Contact the Life of Purpose Treatment center in Fort Washington at 484-430-4200 to speak with an addiction treatment professional today.


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