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Benefits of Including Education in Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Including Education in Addiction Treatment

There’s no such thing as the perfect treatment for addiction. Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse acknowledges as much when they say, “No single treatment is appropriate for everyone.” That being said, there is one method of self-improvement that will likely improve your quality of life, whether or not you’re struggling with substance abuse disorder: an education.

Combining an addiction treatment program with general education has myriad benefits that can not only help you on the road to recovery but also can potentially decrease the possibility of a relapse in the future.

Education leads to a more active and healthy lifestyle

An education is key to a longer, more vibrant life. As you likely already know, people with a higher level of education tend to get better, higher paying jobs. This increased income opens up better nutritional and medical opportunities and often allows for a few extra perks (like paid vacation) that allow for a slightly more adventurous lifestyle than someone who’s under-educated. With these opportunities available to them, educated people tend to opt for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Education develops “recovery capital”

Not only does education help prepare one to live a longer, cleaner life, it seems that education can also be beneficial for developing recovery capital to aid the treatment process. Education provides social opportunities outside of the treatment network, open up career opportunities, expose people to new ideas and beliefs, and improve accountability and day-to-day functioning.

Education will keep you busy and productive

Further, when one is on the road to recovery, one of the most important things to do during treatment is to simply keep yourself busy. In fact, program after program suggests taking a class or reading a book to help substance use disorders patients keep their mind occupied in a productive manner.

When you combine an educational foundation with the means to treat addiction, you’re setting yourself up to succeed not only in recovery but in life as a whole. As education icon John Dewey once wrote, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

If you’ve been suffering from a substance use disorder, there’s no better way to arm yourself for the future and for independence like a solid education. Life of Purpose is here to help – learn more about our academically-focused treatment program today.

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