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History Made at 2015 Recovery Research Awards

On December 5th, the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS) hosted their First Annual Recovery Research Awards Banquet. This event honored a number of champions within the recovery and addiction research field. Award recipients included the renowned William (“Bill”) White; Dr. Nora D. Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA); Dr. John Kelly of Harvard Medical School; Dr. Sigurd Zielke, co-founder of Hope Academy Recovery High School; Dr. Andy Finch, co-founder of ARS; Dr. Paul Moberg, acclaimed evaluation researcher; Andrew Burki, Life of Purpose, founder and CEO.

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Beyond the Realm of Comfort

During the first few semesters of my college career, I distracted myself from my responsibilities as a daughter, student, and friend. I focused instead on anything that required less mental and emotional investment and allowed me to get out of my own skin, even if only for a couple of hours at a time. Several of my classes piqued my attention, but not as significantly as did living just a couple of miles from the Old Port bar scene. I skated by as a freshman and sophomore, attending classes only when I felt like it and withdrawing from several once I realized I could not both successfully complete a class and spend my weekends the way I wanted.

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8 Ways to Say “See Ya!” to Stress

If you are approaching finals of any kind, the next few weeks are inherently some of the most stressful of the entire year. When we feel like we are drowning in a sea of flashcards or getting caught up in a tornado of final paper drafts, moving smoothly through stress can feel way out of reach. Here are a handful of action steps that I will be attempting in order to conquer the stressors of finals season (and to be as relaxed as possible while doing so)!

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The Sum of Us is Greater

For many of us, entrance into recovery requires support – and lots of it. This encouragement might come in the form of a listening ear; financial help from parents; affirmation that our new endeavors are worthwhile; or even a simple smile from a new or old friend. As long as the support reaches us, the vehicle it takes does not matter.

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5 Ways to Rock the Holidays as a Student in Recovery

Now that Halloween is over, stores are putting up holiday decorations and countless radio stations will be playing an endless loop of jingles until New Year’s. Some of us are thrilled by this (I do shamelessly get into the spirit by the time Thanksgiving rolls around) and others –  not so much. It is very possible to crush the holidays as a student in recovery, regardless of how you feel about the decorations and the jingles. Here are a handful of my favorite ways:

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