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Advocacy for Clients in Early Recovery

Advocacy for Clients in Early Recovery

Early recovery can be a troublesome journey for many who are attempting to acclimate the darkness of their past into a life of purpose. For emerging adults, it can be especially difficult to see any light at the end of tunnel when dealing with a substance use disorder. One the reasons it can be challenging is because most of these adults do not have a meaningful career to return after treatment, and can feel left in the dark. Feeling alone and alienated from their peers, and the need for some vital change in early recovery, can lead back to trying to find a connection with anything. And that, most commonly, will come from the use of a substance. Without the change, this mental illness can easily take them back to what they feel worked in the past to rid one of these feelings; the use of alcohol and drugs. Early recovery is something new and scary, and without a guide on this journey it can often lead to a re occurrence of use.
To guide someone on this journey is merely to motivate them to want something more, to show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and to be an investor in their personal journey to long term recovery. At Life of Purpose NJ, that is the privilege the case manager gets to experience. Case managers provide our clients with insight into short and long terms goals, and guidance of a plan on how to achieve these goals. From obtaining GEDs, trade school certifications, and multiple levels of college education, Life of Purpose NJ specializes in the enhancement of meaningful careers for emerging adults suffering from substance use disorders.
At our recently launched New Jersey location, the case manager has access to unlimited potential and resources. There are over 100 colleges and universities within a 50-mile radius from our Cherry Hill location. Many of the colleges and universities have well developed, or are in the process of developing, collegiate recovery programs to provide our clients with a substantial continuum of care for substance use disorders. New Jersey and Philadelphia are also the grounds for some of the strongest trade unions in our country, and our local community college has a rich trade school component to provide a seamless transition into a trade union.
Case Managers meet with our clients on a weekly basis to keep traction towards their dream goals. Every client that is admitted to a college, university, or trade school is a potential life saved from the current substance use epidemic we are facing. The case managers at Life of Purpose NJ invest their time and efforts into finding that light at the end of the dark tunnel. The light is not just for the clients, but for the families, communities, and potential future employers of all our clients.




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Director of Case Management
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