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Academically-focused Case Management in Boca Raton, FL

Academically-focused Case Management in Boca Raton, FL

Life of Purpose provides case management throughout all three levels of care to assist the patient in their journey through early recovery. Case managers at LOP work closely with the clinical team to create the best plan for each individual, based on their specific needs and goals. With the approach of clinical support and traditional substance abuse treatment (group therapy and individual therapy), academic goals, twelve step meetings, and outdoor adventure therapy, patients are given a diverse foundation from which to build a healthy foundation in their recovery.

We believe that becoming clean and sober can be accomplished while being supplemented with academic goals, even in early recovery.  We have assisted people who are looking to complete high school, their bachelor’s degree, as well as advanced degrees. There are two colleges on our campus that we typically use to assist patients in advancing their academic goals while here in treatment.

We are proud to assist patients in exploring a new chapter in their lives involving self-exploration, inspiration, renewal, and learning. As patients step down to each level of care, partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient to aftercare, the patient is encouraged to follow a natural succession of growth, resulting in interdependence with their new sober community rather than complete dependence on others.   At the the intensive outpatient and aftercare levels of care, patients typically have clear, achievable academic goals, are attending daily twelve step meetings, potentially working a part-time job and moving forward in their new journey.

Our intimate community is filled with people excited to be changing their lives. Our staff is supportive of each patient and provides a tightly-knit community that fosters a healthy environment from which to grow.  Working at Life of Purpose in this department affords us the valuable opportunity to humbly inspire people in their lives at a time that may be filled with pain and possibly desperation.  The opportunity to work with students and their families through this difficult time is something this department and our company as a whole feel very fortunate to be a part of.

We have seen that each individual is unique and has their own path to follow. We are here to meet you there and gently guide you towards a road to freedom, firmly rooted in personal and academic accomplishment.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey through early recovery,

-Case management team in LOP Boca Raton, Florida

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