The Life of Purpose Treatment Model

The Life of Purpose treatment model is comprised of four levels. Clients are invited to enter our continuum of care at the point that best addresses their individual needs:

The specific length of stay for each level varies depending upon a client’s individual needs and higher academic goals.

We get a number of clients referred to us from other primary and outpatient treatment programs. For clients who work all the way through the entire four levels of the Life of Purpose continuum, it is not unusual to be with us for nine months or longer.

The average age of clients working through our model fluctuates but is typically 22 to 25 years. Although the ages of our clients range from 17 to 29 years, we never exclude anyone. Clients requesting admission must simply demonstrate a willingness to further their education with some sort of tangible goal.

We’ve had clients who are working on graduating high school and others who dropped out of high school and preparing to take their General Educational Development (GED) exam.

We’ve also had clients working on obtaining college admission as well as those already enrolled in undergraduate and graduate level courses. Life of Purpose will meet students wherever they are on their educational spectrum and collaborate with them on their personal academic goals.

We are a clinical program using evidence-based modalities and up-to-date addiction science. While we are not 12 step-based, we do introduce our clients to the 12 steps and encourage them to participate in local fellowship groups.