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A “Reason” to Stay Sober

A “Reason” to Stay Sober

At Life of Purpose, we know that we can better serve our clients to succeed if they are motivated to stay sober and participate in our program. Our program is grounded in the philosophy that programs for impaired professionals have always outperformed other recovery programs because they are required to have a long term continuum care, peer support, and mentorship with their colleagues, and “a reason” or motivator to pursue recovery.

For impaired professionals, this reason is generally obvious. A lawyer who has to stay sober in order to not be disbarred has “a reason” to stay sober. A doctor or pilot can have a license revoked. Aside from the obvious financial incentives for keeping these titles, professionals have invested most of their lives into becoming a doctor, lawyer, or pilot. Their professions are a large part of their identities.

For emerging adults and adolescents, there is generally no license to pull. Young people have usually experienced a very rapid growth in their substance use disorders. Many young adults have experienced legal troubles and other repercussions from their alcohol and drug use from an early age. Drinking and drugging are part of the core identity of not only many young adults with substance use disorders, but American teenage culture.

Even the term “rehab” is misleading for many emerging adults. What are we rehabbing clients back to—when they were 13, before their first drink?

This is why collegiate recovery and other job training/vocational programs are a core part of the Life of Purpose Treatment Model. By giving clients a look into the future and letting them experience success through academics, we are able to create that “reason” to stay sober.

College is a time of finding yourself. It is a time where young people get to decide who they want to be as an adult. By pairing academics with robust, quality clinical services, we are able to help our clients visualize an idealized adult version of themselves.

At Life of Purpose, we perform parallel interventions with robust case management and therapy. Our academically-focused case management team specializes in navigating the academic process. They asses, facilitate, evaluate, and advocate for our clients to help them figure out what they want to get out of their professional and academic lives and how to achieve it.

Because our program is so case management heavy, and we have an entire team dedicated to it specifically, our therapeutic team is able to focus on clinical services and therapy. These “parallel interventions” empower our therapists to break down barriers with clients quickly and provide that “reason to stay sober” with which impaired professionals have had so much success.



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