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2016 Recovery Research Awards and Summit

2016 Recovery Research Awards and Summit

In collaboration with the Association of Recovery Schools (ARS), we are proud to host the 2016 Recovery Research Awards and Summit. Held on Friday, November 18 at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, the one-day summit includes presentations by our honorees, as well as a panel discussion moderated by Vanderbilt’s Andy Finch and the second annual Association of Recovery Schools Awards Luncheon.

The Recovery Research Awards and Summit was created to honor the work of nationally renowned researchers whose work is focused on the addiction and recovery field. This year’s honorees include Harvard’s John Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP, SAMHSA’s Kana Enomoto, M.A., Marc Fishman, MD, Amelia Arria, Ph.D., Scott F. Basinger, Ph.D., Thomas Kimball, Ph.D., LMFT, and Transforming Youth Recovery’s Stacie Mathewson.

“I am deeply honored to be the 2016 recipient of the William L. White Lifetime Achievement Award in Addiction Research,” said honoree John Kelly. “I am grateful for the increased focus and recognition of the merit of recovery-focused research and I am delighted to be presenting some of my research findings from the past 25 years at this event.”

“We are incredibly grateful to the George Washington University for hosting this event and continuing to promote the advancement of the field of recovery research,” said Andrew Burki, event sponsor and Founder and CEO of Life of Purpose Treatment. “The desperate need for meaningful evidence-based recovery research continues to be the single greatest obstacle in shifting public policy and securing appropriate funding to actually address the substance use disorder epidemic in the United States. When we look back at this darkest of times in the history of substance use disorders ravaging our country, it will be the tireless work of recovery researchers that finally equipped recovery advocates and politicians with tools to implement the changes every single community in our country so desperately needed. The ongoing and ever increasing number of deaths from a treatable health condition is unacceptable. The economic burdens to our communities from not properly addressing this crisis are unacceptable. We need lasting and sustainable solutions to support individuals with substance use disorders to find and sustain recovery, meaning and purpose in their lives. These recovery researchers, others like them, and still others yet to come, are both the single greatest hope and the key to finding and implementing that solution on a national scale.”

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Association of Recovery Schools. Supporting recovery research and recovery in an academic environment is the only economically viable solution to the addiction pandemic we are facing.

To learn more about this year’s event, click here. To view videos and photographs from last year’s event, click here.

recovery research awards and summit

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