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10 Unique Hobbies for People in Recovery

10 Unique Hobbies for People in Recovery

Deciding that you need help with a drug or alcohol dependency and receiving treatment is a huge step. You should no doubt be proud of yourself for taking the steps to get your life back on track, but you should also be aware that the positive choice you’ve made will come with its fair share of hurdles and challenges. Not the least of which is combatting feelings of boredom now that you’re sober.

Finding ways to relieve your boredom with a productive and enjoyable hobby is essential when it comes to staying sober long term. Hobbies have been proven to provide pleasure and improve your overall well-being. You just have to find something that motivates you. Check out this list of hobbies for people in recovery that might work for you.

Cuddle With a Critter

Nothing will fill your time better than looking after a dog or a cat. Not only that but earning a pet’s love is hugely rewarding. If you aren’t convinced that you can take care of a dog or cat full-time, then volunteer at a pet shelter.

Engage in Your Community

Keep your eyes open for ways that you can be a standout citizen in your community. No neighborhood is perfect, which means you can always find some way to help out and improve the life of those around you.

Get Active

Get out of the house and shoot some pool, find a park league for adults, or join a group fitness class. Anything that will keep you both active and engaged with other people is sure to keep your mind focused and fresh.


Even if you’re not a big literature person, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good book. Consider checking out some novels or magazines because there’s no such thing as a bad way to read, as long as you’re staying invested in the material.

Find Something to Craft

If you’re not sure how you want to get your craft on, just check out a hobby shop or an online crafting site. You don’t need to build a train set or knit a sweater. Instead, consider things like putting a model together, scrapbooking or buying some paints and canvas. Get creative – it’s your project!

Start Doing Yoga

Not only will yoga help you stay active, it will also teach you to control your breathing. Yoga can help you relieve stress and equip you with tools to help you deal with your anxiety and frustration – anytime and anywhere.

Take a Class

Don’t necessarily shoot for a degree, just consider activating your brain for a few hours a week. You can take an art course or just a subject in which you’re interested. Find something that will motivate you to continue through the entire quarter.

Go For a Walk 

Whether it’s just outside your front door or at a park down the street, walking in nature has been shown to calm stress and help focus thoughts.

Learn How to Play an Instrument

Now might be the time to pick up a guitar and learn to play a few songs. You might find that music is a good way for you to channel your emotions into something productive and fun.


If you have the space to plant and tend to a few plants, then gardening might be the perfect solution. Some studies suggest that gardening relieves stress more effectively than a variety of other leisure activities.

These are just a few of the many ways you can occupy your time while you’re in recovery. If you need more solutions or are interested in learning more about recovery support with Life of Purpose Treatment, contact us today.

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