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Life of Purpose is the first primary care treatment center on a college campus in the United States. We specialize in the treatment of young adults, age 17 and older, whose education has been disrupted by substance misuse.

Life of Purpose provides a framework for success in recovery and purpose in life through specialized, academically focused substance use disorder treatment™. At Life of Purpose, we offer primary care, intensive outpatient treatment, academically focused aftercare, and student recovery housing. Additionally, Life of Purpose is structured to work with individuals who have received primary care at other facilities and are returning to or entering college for the first time. To accommodate the needs of clients who have or are completing primary care at other treatment facilities, Life of Purpose works with families and clients to provide brief transitional episodes or directly enter lower levels of care in our academically focused continuum.

With locations in Florida  and New Jersey  our continuum of care was uniquely designed to address the gap in traditional addiction treatment services offered to emerging adults. By extending supportive structure and subacute level clinical and case management services into the transition back to college, Life of Purpose effectively provides the equivalent of an impaired professionals program for nonprofessional emerging adults.

Lack of upward mobility and perceived stagnation undermine the progress clients make during an acute care treatment episode hinder their ability to build and maintain recovery. By implementing a strengths-based approach to the high risk post-acute care phase of an individual’s recovery, Life of Purpose is able to continue to build on the foundations of self-esteem, meaning and purpose in life, and self-worth which are all fundamental to the long term success of emerging adult recovery episodes. This recovery capitol building approach, in turn, effectively combats the feelings of dissonance and existential crisis which so often lead to instability and re-occurrence of use in young adult recovery populations.

Options for Different Academic Needs

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High School Graduate Curriculum
College Curriculum
Vocational Curriculum
College Graduate Curriculum

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New Jersey



Life Of Purpose accepts most major medical plans. Click the button to verify your insurance benefits.

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